Enat’s domestic banking services make it easy to deposit and manage your money. The minimum required for a deposit is only 10 birr. Our competitive interest rates ensure your money grows. Come meet with our deposit team and begin saving today.

We offer: Savings accounts and products

Regular: This standard savings account is interest bearing, and yields the minimum interest rate for customers. It provides customers with a liquid savings account, enabling on-demand deposit and withdrawal. The accounts are short-term flexible savings, when there is no particular timeline for withdrawal bearing interest on the minimum balance.

Premium: Premium: Premium Savings Account is a product that tracks the level of the deposit amount with progressive saving interest incentives for potential depositors. We offer three levels of premium accounts depending on a minimum deposit balance: Silver, Diamond, and Platinum. Premium accounts bear higher interest than regular savings accounts.

Children’s accounts: Inculcating the culture of saving among the new generations! This savings product is uniquely dedicated to children below the age of 18. We offer better interest to encourage parents and guardians to save for their children’s future, and to inspire a savings culture among children.

Savings accounts for Golden Age: Golden Savings deposit accounts are longer-term commitment accounts, focused on saving towards a more distant event (such as retirement) as desired by the customer. Attached with the product is an attractive interest rate, and the account takes a unique form designed to the specific individual customer.

Non-interest bearing: This special account does not gain interest, and is opened upon customer request.

Hybrid savings: This product is an ‘all in one.’ Hybrid Savings are designed to help customers save their stable money and accrue interest benefits while, concurrently, serving frequent transaction payments on demand through bank instruments.

Time deposit: Fixed deposits are taken for a fixed period, at a specific agreed and fixed interest rate with options of interest accrual on a monthly basis or capitalized monthly and payable on maturity as per the agreement between the customer and the Bank.

Current account/demand deposit (local and foreign):  A marginal interest rate may be considered for special current account holders on the minimum balance over a certain period of time. This is an account characterized by fast moving transactions, and pays nominal interest on an annual basis.

Checking accounts

Access your deposits quickly with our conventional checking accounts.

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